(29075) 1950 DA
1950 DA
Radar image of 1950 DA taken at Arecibo in March 2001, from a distance of 22 LD or 0.052 AU
Discovered by Carl A. Wirtanen
Date of Discovery 22 February 1950

(29075) 1950 DA is an asteroid, classified as near-Earth object and potentially hazardous asteroid of the Apollo group, approximately 2 kilometers in diameter. It once had the highest known probability of impacting Earth. In 2002, it had the highest Palermo rating with a value of 0.17 for a possible collision in 2880. Since that time, the estimated risk has been updated several times. In December 2015, the odds of an Earth impact were revised to 1 in 8,330 (0.012%) with a Palermo rating of −1.42. 1950 DA is not assigned a Torino scale rating, because the 2880 date is over 100 years in the future.