Planet of Origin



Scott S. Sheppard, Eugene A. Magnier, Yanga R. Fernandez, and David C. Jewett

Date of Discovery

November 23, 2000

Place of Discovery

Mauna Kea Observatory

Surface Color

Light grey

Alternate Name(s)

Jupiter XXV

Erinome, also known as Jupiter XXV, is a retrograde irregular-shaped satellite belonging to the outer planet of Jupiter. This satellite was discovered by Scott S. Sheppard, Eugene A. Magnier, Yanga R. Fernandez, and David C. Jewett on November 23, 2000 at the Mauna Kea Observatory. It belongs to the Carme group, a satellite group of retrograde irregular satellites.


Due to it being a Carme grouped satellite, it is possibly created from the remains of the creation of the Carme group. When a D-type asteroid was pulled into Jupiter's gravitational pull and became one of its satellites, it suffered numerous collisions, forming the other satellites of the Carme group, with Carme being the largest in said group.


Erinome is a Carme grouped satellite, so the surface is a light grey. The surface is rugged, not common in Carme group moons, with mountainous areas and rugged valleys. Geographical features on Erinome are brownish and have a grey and green-like infrared spectrum.

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