Gaea (crater)
Amalthea global
The Gaea crater is located on the top of the moon located on the left.

Moon/Planet of Origin



Gaia, a Greek goddess

Neighboring Named Geographical Features

Pan (crater), Ida Facula, Lyctos Facula, Mons Ida

Gaea is one of the many impact craters located on the irregular shaped moon, Amalthea, belonging to the planet of Jupiter. It is 80 km wide, and about 15 km deep.


Gaea is an impact crater. Therefore, it was created due to an impact from a stray celestial object, such as an asteroid or meteor. After its formation, the orbit of Amalthea was thrown off. In fact, the orbit came into a range close to that of the Asteroid belt's location.

Visibility from EarthEdit

Amalthea itself cannot be seen from Earth clearly with a standard telescope. A powerful telescope will only display a blurry portrait of the crater. Only high technologically advanced telescopes can get a good view of the moon, let alone the crater.