Number of Sattelites 1
Discovered by M. E. Schwamba
M. E. Brown
D. L. Rabinowitz
Date of Discovery 17 July 2007
Snow-White, (225088) 2007 OR10 is a binary trans-Neptunian object orbiting the Sun in the scattered disc, approximately 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) in diameter. It is the fourth-largest known body in the Solar System beyond the orbit of Neptune, and continues to be the largest known body in the Solar System without a name. According to estimates as of May 2016, it is slightly larger than Makemake, and is hence almost certainly a dwarf planet. It has one known moon, approximately 300 kilometers (190 miles) in diameter.

Satellite Edit

S/2007 (225088) 1 Edit

The slow rotation rate of 2007 OR10, compared to the other TNOs, raised the possibility of a satellite that slowed down the rotation via tidal dissipation. In 2016, analysis of Hubble images of 2007 OR10 taken in 2010 revealed a satellite around 300 km in diameter and orbiting at a distance of at least 15,000 km. It was announced at the DPS48 meeting on 17 October 2016. The satellite is probably too small and dark to affect size estimates for 2007 OR10. Further analysis from May 2017 confirms this orbiting moon.